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10 tips that can save your life if you need to pull on the side of the road

Being stranded on the side of the road can be a scary situation. If you don’t handle it right, then your broken car might be the least of your concerns. Listed below are 10 tips for staying safe the next time you find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

#1 Turn Hazard Lights On

This not only signals that you need help, but if it is dark, it can alert other drivers of your presence and help to avoid a collision.

#2 Pull Off if Possible

Get your car off the road as soon as you can. You don’t need someone who isn’t paying attention slamming into you while you’re trying to get help.

#3 If in Dense Traffic, ALWAYS Remain in The Car

It is safer to stay in your car when traffic is dense than to get out and seek help. ALWAYS, ALWAYS remain in the car.

#4 Tips For The Hard Shoulder

Pull over as far to the side as you can, and turn your wheels away from the road. In hard shoulder situations, there should be an emergency phone located every mile or so. Do not attempt repairs, and turn on all your lights to be clearly visible.

#5 Know Your Location 

Take note of where you are. Make sure anyone you describe your situation to has clear, identifiable landmarks to work with.

#6 Pack Warm Clothing

Temperatures can drop suddenly at night. Make sure you have extra clothing and blankets on hand for all family members to stay warm.

#7 Comfortable Walking Shoes

If you do have to go for help, make sure you have some good walking shoes kept in your trunk. You never know how far you’ll have to go.

#8 A Fully Charged Cell

Years ago, you would have carried coins for a call. Nowadays, it is recommended that you have a charged phone, or at least a means to charge it in an emergency. Coins put away in the car won’t hurt, too!

#9 Cone/ Hazard Triangle

Use something clearly visible to notify others of your situation. Cones, triangles, or even road flares can accomplish this.

#10 Bring a Road Map

Phones are nice, but a map never loses service in the case that a phone fails. Make sure you have a printed map on hand to help guide you, especially when travelling long distances.

Being stranded can be a scary situation. If it happens to you, make sure you’ve taken the proper steps towards being safe, staying warm, and most importantly, getting saved.