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4 Myths about Mechanics

You're probably aware of the stereotypes about mechanics. However, if you have actually had an interaction with a mechanic at a car shop, these are usually quickly dispelled. Like many stereotypes, the ones about mechanics have been perpetuated over the years by their depictions in television, films, and popular culture. Here are a few myths about independent automotive repair professionals (as the modern nomenclature goes) that are both damaging and untrue.

1. They will take advantage of you

Scamming people isn't really a viable business model, especially not when most of that business is done face-to-face. Most mechanics take pride in their work, and if they recommend something, it's probably because they think that's what's best for your automobile, not because they're trying to waste your money.

2. They're not educated

Stereotypes often try to have their cake and eat it too. “Mechanics are scam artists and they'll fast-talk you into spending money! But they're also exclusively unintelligent high-school dropouts!” Anyway, this one is pretty ridiculous. Modern cars are vastly complicated machines that come in a huge variety of designs, and to be able to properly service cars of all those types requires a lot of specific knowledge.

3. Independent services will void your warranty

Warranties only become invalid if the servicing outlined in the warranty isn't completed in a timely fashion. It's actually hugely illegal for a manufacturer to tell customers where to get maintenance services. You have the right to get your car serviced anywhere you want without fear of voiding your warranty.

4. The dealer can do it better

The assumption a lot of people make is that a dealership will provide better service because they have access to better equipment and mechanics. The reality is that things will differ from dealership to dealership and shop to shop – there is no mighty and omnipotent god of car repair that decreed all mechanics and shops are one way or another. Find somewhere that works for you, and don't be afraid to look at independent stores in your search.