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6 reasons why Bluetooth is becoming indispensable in your car

With the Internet of things on the horizon, more and more devices are becoming connected. Bluetooth plays a helpful role in connecting things to each other and now plays an active role inside your car. Below are 6 reasons Bluetooth is a must-have nowadays in your vehicle.

#1 Audio Streaming

The radio is fine, but more and more often, people are using their phones to stream their music while they travel. With Bluetooth, you can stream your favorite songs to your car stereo and never worry about commercials again.

#2 Hands Free Phone Access 

Canada’s provinces have unanimously agreed that phones are a distraction while driving and will charge you with a hefty fine for using them while operating your vehicle. Having your phone sync with your car through Bluetooth is handy and safe. Not to mention, it’s far easier to hear over your speakers anyway.

#3 Texting Hands Free

Texting is even more distracting while driving, but many people find it hard to avoid the temptation. Bluetooth can help out here through reading the incoming texts aloud, and allowing a response through voice to text programs. Now you can drive with your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, without staying in touch when needed.

#4 Tether Data and Access Apps

Many people who carpool, or families on trips, might want to share data across devices. Having a Bluetooth car means that your vehicle can act as a Wi-Fi hub for your clan, and it permits data sharing with ease.

#5 Directions

Many cars now come with a built-in GPS. For those that don’t, being able to connect your phone and use its GPS is the next best thing. Your directions can be amplified through the car speakers.

#6 Personal Assistant

With Bluetooth, you can manage your calls, your music, your data, and your texts all with the sound of your voice through programs such as Siri. You never have to pick up a pen while driving, you just need to dictate. It’s like having a personal assistant right there with you.

Bluetooth technology is making it easier and easier for people to get things done in a safe and efficient way while driving. As wireless technology continues to advance, and voice recognition software becomes easier to work with, the future of Bluetooth in cars will become more immersive and increasingly multi-faceted.