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Myths and facts about car rust proofing

Rust proofing is one of those things you hear about often, but you may not have all the facts on. Listed below are some of the common myths, and truths concerning what rust proofing does and if you should take advantage of it.

Myth #1: Car’s must be rustproofed before rust appears

If you’ve lost some of your car to rust, you can still slow the process with rust proofing. On top of that, you can help to protect what you still have left.

Myth #2: Don’t get rust proofing done once winter has started

While it’s true that this can be a hindrance, there’s nothing that says you can’t rust proof in the winter. The real culprit when trying to rust proof is salt, dirt, and build-up. As long as your vehicle is thoroughly cleaned off, then you should be okay. Also, even if the process is affected by the weather, some added protection is always better than none.

Myth #3: Rust proofing is required annually

Rust proofing is something that, if done right, can last for years. In fact, a quality rust proofing job should last you up to ten years and provide you with peace of mind regardless of the weather conditions.

Myth #4: Rust is irreparable

Rust is a chemical process, and if caught in time, that process can be halted. A new rust spot can be grinded down and retouched so that it is not an issue. Now granted, if a rust spot is allowed to build and grow, there may not be much that can be done. Still, if caught early, a car can be salvaged and rust can be repaired.

Myth #5: New cars are rust proofed

One would think with all of the exciting and modern features available on a new car, that rust proofing would be included. However, the truth is that rust proofing is considered an after-market service, no not normally included with a new car purchase. Even new cars can, and do, need rust proofing.

Myth #6: Only old cars rust

Rust can strike any car. If the conditions are right, even a vehicle less than a year old has the potential for rust. When it comes to rust proofing, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Rust proofing is something that every car can benefit from. The next time you hear someone claim one of these myths about rust proofing as true, keep these facts in mind. Preventative action can save your car from rust!