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Do you go to your dealer for maintenance on your vehicle?

When you have a new vehicle, the question is often asked, “Where should I go for maintenance?” Is your dealer your best option, or should you look elsewhere? Local garages have many benefits that are often times overlooked, which can cost motorists in many ways. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of maintenance through a dealership, versus through a private garage.


Benefits of The Dealer


First, let’s look at the benefits of the dealership. The biggest benefit is that all work that is done on a new car, is considered part of your warranty-if you have one. Also, because the work is being done by the dealer, there is virtually no chance of the repair you get voiding that warranty. Also, sometimes a dealership will offer free services on your vehicle, such as oil changes or tire rotations.


Benefits of a Local Garage


Besides the warranty consideration, an independent garage is your other option which has some definite advantages. First off, a garage mechanic is typically not paid on commission, which means they will be less motivated to tack on unneeded services or repairs. Second, because your garage services a wider array of vehicle types, there is a good chance they have seen more issues and have more experience than your typical dealership. With a garage, you can talk to your mechanic and have a more personal experience. This generally means a higher level of customer satisfaction. Also, a garage can be cheaper on replacement parts because they are not tied to any one distributor, so they will be able to shop around for the best price on parts.


The biggest benefit that your garage will have is the level of education and experience. Most garages will hire certified specialists, while a dealership may not pay as close attention. This means that your garage mechanic has worked to stay up on what’s new across the board, and can address more issues than your dealership mechanic can.


While the dealer offers the warranty advantage in some cases, there is a strong argument for a local garage. When considering the increased cost of service, lower quality of repairs and lack of customer service at a dealership, the warranty benefits are quickly offset for many customers. All things considered, many motorists are opting to head into their local garage for quality affordable service that they can trust.