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Pipe bending

Pipe Bending


Why Pipe Bending?


When you’re trying to get your car fitted with an exhaust pipe, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. As car models keep changing, you’ll find that dealers only keep certain model parts in their inventory, and sometimes the pipe you need may not be in production anymore. If this is the case, then you may require a custom bent pipe that can be fitted to your vehicle. Yes, this is more expensive than an original part may be, but when your original parts no longer exist, this might be the only option you have left.


Benefit of Aftermarket Exhaust


If you decide to go with an aftermarket exhaust system, you may be doing yourself a favor. While a bit pricier than what you may expect to pay, an aftermarket system will typically be designed to give you better airflow on your exhaust, which means it will be more efficient, and therefore save you money on fuel.


A second benefit is one that might make your car sound a little fiercer than before. Due to the design of an aftermarket system, some new exhaust systems might have a larger pipe, which can change the audio quality of your engine. This typically means that your car is going to be louder, which will make it sound more powerful.


Finally, you’re getting something with a better overall quality than your factory unit. Your exhaust on your vehicle was made to be as cheap as possible, and while it probably was made to work just fine, that doesn’t mean it’s doing everything it could on your car. It might not be as resistant to the elements, or as sturdy, or even as fuel efficient as an aftermarket model.


2 Types of Bends


Your exhaust pipe can have two different types of bends. The first is the most common, and that’s a crush bend. It’s exactly what it sounds like, your pipe was forcefully bent, resulting in the diameter of the pipe being narrower at the bend. Also, a crush bend is going to have ridges from the bending process, which can impede airflow.


The second type of bend is called a mandrel bend, and this is the one car lovers typically want. With a mandrel bend, the pipe is custom made to be curved, which means it never lessens in diameter. That way, the airflow to the engine never decreases, which results in better performance. Also, the pipe is smooth, which means there are no ridges to again impede airflow.




As mentioned above, the biggest restriction you can run into is with airflow. While it may not seem like a big deal, this can impact fuel efficiency and acceleration in your vehicle. Good airflow is the difference between having a high performance machine and a regular car, and if you’re going to take the time to do a custom replacement of your exhaust system, then you’re going to want to get the very best out of your automobile.