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Safety inspections

Safety Inspections

Vehicle inspections are just a par of owning and operating a vehicle in Canada, but they can be confusing for people who are new to them. Certain vehicles require them, while others seem to have different rules. So, how do you know which ones require what?

What Vehicles Must Undergo Inspection

In Canada, all new and used vehicles have to undergo inspection. The timing for these inspections may vary, but they are required. This applies to all typical passenger or civilian cars, trucks, and vans you may encounter on the road.

There are some vehicles that are exempt from the typical inspection. If you have a certified antique vehicle, a mobile home, a vehicle designated and clearly labeled as Slow Moving, passenger busses, vehicles weighing over 4500kg, and vehicles with a valid New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island inspection sticker are all exempt from the typical inspection sticker laws. If you have questions on if your vehicle qualifies, speak with a dealer or your local law enforcement.

Vehicle Inspection Stickers

There are two types of stickers, new and used. The main difference is that a new sticker will typically have a three year expiration date, while a used sticker will have a two year date. If you have a vehicle that was purchased privately, it should also have a used sticker.

When a Vehicle Fails

Occasionally, you may fail a safety inspection. If this happens, you have the right to request that your existing sticker be left on your vehicle. After a failed inspection, you are allowed ten days to get a secondary inspection. This will give you the chance to try to fix up any problems your vehicle may have, or to take it to a mechanic that can do a more thorough job.

Vehicles Entering the Province

If you purchased your vehicle outside of the province, you will still have to have a safety inspection sticker, but at least you have time to get it. You will have thirty days to get your vehicle updated. Once done, all type one vehicles will receive a two year inspection sticker, while type two vehicles will get a one year inspection sticker.

When are Inspection Required

Inspections are required whenever you purchase a standard vehicle. You need to have an inspection done, and even if you and the seller sign a Sale of Vehicle Not Safety Approved form, you will still have to have your vehicle inspected before you can get your vehicle permit.

What Will Be Inspected?

This can vary, depending on what the law decides. Typically, you are inspecting the primary workings of the car to verify that it is roadworthy. Things like tires, windshield, lights, and other items that may immediately impact the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle can fall under this, as well as the running quality of the car, how much pollution its emissions put out, and so on.

If you’re concerned about an inspection, contact an inspection center and let them walk you through what will be needed. Remember, your vehicle inspection is your responsibility, and if you let it slide, it can cost you, in more ways than one.