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Springs & Struts

Springs and Struts


What is a Strut?


Many people confuse shocks and struts, and this is a common mistake. Shocks and struts both help to absorb the impact of the road on an automobile, but there is a difference. While a car can technically operate without shocks (although for how long is a dubious question), a car cannot run without struts. They don’t just absorb the shock of the road, they are also a part of the suspension and alignment system of the car. If you didn’t have struts, you wouldn’t have a steering system to work with, and the entire thing would come apart.


Signs You Need a Replacement


While your mechanic is the best person you should ask concerning a replacement, you can probably guess if you’re in need of some work by how much of the road you’re feeling. If a once smooth ride suddenly feels bumpy, and you’re noticing every single dip and jolt of the road, then there’s a chance that your struts could need replacing. You can also tell by how stiff your steering is, or how out of alignment your car seems to be. Again, your mechanic knows best on this one, so trust what they say.


Do Coil Springs Need to Be Replaced with Struts?


When people picture the shock system in their car, they probably go to the springs. While the coil springs are important, they typically don’t need to be replaced every time you switch out the shocks or struts. They are considered a reusable item on your car. Your shocks and struts, while generally maintenance free, do occasionally have to be replaced if they start leaking oil, or if you’ve maybe hit some rough terrain.



What Will an Inspection Do?


An inspection will tell you first and foremost if your car is in need of some replacement shocks and struts. A mechanic will go through and verify that everything is in proper working order, and will also tell you if any other problems (such as leaking shocks or a bad alignment) might be causing your struts issues.


Why Service is Important?


Not only is this important for the sake of keeping things working and up to date, but a bad strut can lead to poor performance and unnecessary wear and tear on your tires. This can lead to bad alignment, a blown tire, or even bad brakes. Remember, while your shocks are a crucial part of your car, your struts are a necessary part of the front suspension, and if they go, they can take quite a few other pieces of the car with them.


Danger of Not Getting Service


While the immediate danger of your shocks and struts going out should be paramount, not getting serviced might also mean that you’re wearing down your brakes and wheels faster than you should. This can mean costly repairs or replacements, and even result in your vehicle not being drivable.


Your struts are a key component of your car, so treat them like one. Don’t let neglect of this vital piece be the reason for a hefty repair bill later on.